As noted, his face is obscured in static

Walker is the assumed name of a Hooded Person who has been seen in multiple Broadcasts in the Clear Lakes 44 series.


Walker is barely discernible in most of the Broadcasts he appears in, however two factors are extremely common. Firstly, he appears to wear a thick Hoodie that completely covers his head and body, and a pair of work gloves.

He has a male body build, but his entity hasn't been discerned at all yet. Nothing about his name, age, actual gender, or reason for the hoodie hasn't been found.


Very little can be discerned, however speculation can be easily done.

Firstly, he entered a grocery store and either shoplifted or purchased a jar. He then proceeded to go home and try to devour its contents. It isn't sure if the contents are some kind of special item, or if he was simply hungry from starvation. Until further details can be determined, and the contents of the jar determined, nothing can be known.

Secondly, the hoodie covers everything but his face, however his face was obscured by static. Why this is can be for a variety of reasons, possibly even the contents of the jar, but little is currently known.

It is possible he is connected to Birdwatcher as both appear in Broadcast #3 and both appear in their own Broadcasts and are attacked.

Apperances in Clear Lakes 44Edit

Broadcast #3 : Walker appears at the end and grabs a jar from a grocery store shelf and leaves with it.

Broadcast #5 - Walker: Walker appears to run towards a home, whether it is his or not isn't immediately discernible. He appears to be chased by some entity. Upon entering the home, he goes ahead and tears the lid off of a jar and devours the contents, but stops for a brief second and looks at the door which flings open. He then runs away.