The Unnamed Old Man is an elderly gentleman who is sitting in a rocking chair in a concrete room with the door nearby open. He appears in Clear Lakes 44.


He appears to be a bald man, sitting in a striped shirt and black pants with loafers. The rocking chair he is sitting in looks standard with nothing special. His face is obscured by the light in the room.


He doesn't actually do anything noteworthy, which begs the question why the camera focused on him at all. The door nearby is open indicating he can leave if he wants, and the chair is rocking indicating he is alive, but he decides to stay in the room. An entity appears in the other room which may have been the Unnamed Entity, but said person in the other room doesn't reveal themself before the video ends.

Appearances in Clear Lakes 44Edit

Broadcast #2: He's at the end of the video sitting in this room, rocking back and forth to violin music that is muffled.