Birdwatcher, on the left, sees the Unnamed Entity on the right

The Unnamed Entity is a character from Clear Lakes 44. It is a being that appears in Broadcast #6 - Birdwatcher, and may have also appeared in Broadcast #5 - Walker as the person that opened the front door on Walker, and Broadcast #2 where he visits the Unnamed Old Man.


It isn't certain if the Unnamed Entity actually looks like he does in the image to the right, or if the tracking errors/distortion on the tape obscured a human or humanoid individual. He is roughly as tall as Birdwatcher.


Nothing is certain about this being, however speculation can be made.

The being is apparently chasing Walker (if it did indeed follow him).

The being may be able to teleport somehow, as he did get into the house with Birdwatcher without Birdwatcher knowing. If not teleportation, then he may be very stealthy or capable of entering a locked home.

Appearances in Clear Lakes 44Edit

Speculated AppearancesEdit

  • Broadcast #2: It isn't certain if he appears here, but a barely visible shadow can be seen in the other room near the Unnamed Old Man.
  • Broadcast #5 - Walker: It is possible that he also appeared here as the entity at the very end of the video who opened the door and spooked Walker.

Positive AppearancesEdit

  • Broadcast #6 - Birdwatcher: It isn't clear if Birdwatcher knew the entity was coming, or was expecting someone else. Either way, when he checks the door, he is confronted by the entity who has already entered his house. It attacks him, but according to Broadcast #7 - Birdwatcher, it did no actual damage to him and left him alive in his house, so much so that Birdwatcher remarked that it could have been a dream.

Other Edit

  • Anon ## refers to The Unnamed Entity as "The Shadow", though this is nothing of an official name.