The Man In The Alley is a character from Clear Lakes 44 that appears in Broadcast #4. A majority of the time of this Broadcast is spent with him waiting for someone to show up and take some boxes. This character is played by Tim Sutton, most well known for playing Tim Wright .


The man appears to be in his mid twenties, with solid black hair and a full beard. He wears a blue plaid shirt, and has a pair of jeans. He also appears to be a smoker.


The majority of his appearance is him spent with a trolley with several boxes. Other than being a smoker, very little else can be currently gleaned from his personality.

Appearances In Clear Lakes 44Edit

Broadcast #4: He appears to wait for an extended period of time in an alley, smoking and using his cell phone. Eventually someone shows up , takes a series of boxes that were in his possession, and leaves.