Clear Lakes 44 is an internet video series/ARG that was uploaded to the YouTube channel "Clear Lakes 44 | MarbleHornets" on August 3rd, 2015. It appears to be written and directed by the creators of MarbleHornets (Troy Wagner, Joseph Delage, and Tim Sutton).

Plot Edit

Nearly nothing is understood about the series as of yet.

The first four broadcasts are shot in VHS quality video, showing older people in an unknown location. Birds and the outdoors are a running motif. In Broadcast 4, two gentlemen are seen interacting in an alley before leaving.

Broadcast 5 and Broadcast 6 introduce new elements, such as the solid black figure with white eyes.


The character names you are about to read are assumed


While it can be assumed that it takes place at "Clear Lakes", nothing have been definitevly answered yet. The only two places that can be determined and have been revisited are as follows



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