Broadcast #7 - Birdwatcher is the seventh video in the Clear Lakes 44 series, and the third one with a title. It shares the title with the previous video.

The video starts with the man from the previous Broadcast slumped over in his chair. He appears to awaken in a daze, and notes his cane found its way to the living room. Slowly, with his damaged leg unable to move properly, he limps himself across the room until he eventually reaches the cane, leans down slowly, and props himself back up. The scene then shifts to him on the couch and on the phone.

He notes to whoever was on the phone that he doesn't know what it was (possibly referencing the Unnamed Entity), and that it was like a dream. The other person appears to ask him if he was conscious, and he notes he was and was doing what they "talked about" (possibly referencing the manila folder and the pen). He denies being narcoleptic upon prompting from the phone call. The scene skips again and the man states he needs the person on the phone to come over and that he can't go to him. The person on the phone appears to try to convince him otherwise, and he adamantly refuses, stating he is not "ready at all". A bit of silence and he says he appreciates it and checks his phone, and says 8:30 should be fine. He thanks the caller, puts some pills in his pocket, and heads to a back room in his house.

As he heads and opens a door, a bright plume covers the screen, and then switches to a photo negative, where we see the man looking at the camera. The camera then shows an angle looking down at his feet. His hand begins trembling as he drops his cane, and he looks at his hands, slowly shuffling back. He covers his face, and bright blume pervades the screen. The video then ends.


  • This is the first episode with spoken dialogue audible for the viewer to hear.