Broadcast #6 - Birdwatcher is the sixth video in the Clear Lakes 44 series, and the second one with a title.

The video starts with the man from Broadcast's #2 and #3, looking out his window. He appears to be waiting for something, but isn't sure if they are there. After surrendering they aren't, he picks up a manila folder and opens it, reading it's contents. After a few moments, a knock is heard at the door. The man first checks the blinds, and it isn't clear if he sees anyone there or not. He decides not to go to the door, however a knock is heard again. This time he stands up to check the blinds, and he decides to open the door. He first checks the peephole, and then finally opens the door, but barely opens it a crack before he notices someone else is in the house. He turns, his eyes wide, and the video cuts out.

When the video cuts back in; a completely black figure with bright white eyes is staring at the man. It then lunges at the man, and the video cuts to recording a corner.