Broadcast #5 - Walker is the fifth video in the Clear Lakes 44 series, and the first one with a title.

The video shows the hooded person (possibly the same one from the end of Broadcast #3), appears to be running to a house. The camera chases the hooded person up the driveway, and the person quickly flips around and runs into the house. The camera shows multiple external shots of the house.

After a brief bit of static, the hooded person is seen trying to desperately open a jar (possibly the same one he got from the store), and, after getting the lid off, proceeds to voraciously attack its contents. After a moment, he pauses, then looks back towards the camera. Despite him looking at the camera, his face is distorted by the static blurring, and makes it entirely impossible to determine his identity. His front door then opens to a blinding light, and before whoever opened it can be seen, the hooded person runs off and the video ends.