Broadcast #3 is the 3rd video in the Clear Lakes 44 series.

The video shows the man from the previous broadcast who was watching television, however this time it can be easily seen he is watching a show regarding birds.

The shows simply shows a bird interacting with some plants, and is set to relaxing music. The man watches in silence until the television appears to cut off. The man gets up, grabs his cane, and limps to the television. The man appears to mess with the back of the television, which turns it back on. The show resumes, and he limps off screen behind the camera (it isn't made clear if he is aware if it is there or not), and shuts a light off. He then sits down and resumes watching, however the video is abruptly cut as a loud noise hits the screen and static is emitted.

The scene then switches to a hooded man in a grocery aisle. The footage at this point is so bright and blown out that none of the products are assuredly discernible. He grabs two items, walks off screen, and the video cuts.