Broadcast #2 is the second video in the Clear Lakes 44 Series. It debuted on August 5th.

The video is set to violin and piano music which have the same muffled sound issues as the first broadcast. The first image shown is of a wooden walkway that leads to a gazebo. Next it shows two metal doors which appear to be standard doors. The image shows the recording device has the same kind of visual problems as the first broadcast, as the image discolors some of the wall in a yellow color. The next image seems to be shot through some branches, as geese wander about on the opposite side of a pond. Next, a man is in a room watching a television. Because of the issues with the filming, the brightness of the recording from the television blows the image out, making it nearly impossible to see what the man is watching (although it appears to be about birds). The final image shows an older man sitting in a rocking chair. Beams of light strike his face in such a way that identifying him is difficult. The room is very empty, with a cement floor, a bucket nearby, a socket that appears to have been pulled from the wall, and the nearby door open. An individual can be seen walking up to the door before the "44" logo appears and the video cuts out.

The video shows that the area is forested, and that the place that is video taped may be of a retirement home of some kind, or some sort of retreat or apartment complex.